Calls for Papers, 2017

Next year is already looking to be an exciting one for scholars of early modern imprisonment, with two upcoming conferences on the topic recently announced.

The first is Prison/Exile: Controlled Spaces in Early Modern Europe, to be held at Ertegun House, University of Oxford on 10-11 March 2017. It aims to ‘explore the relationship between space, identity, and religious belief in early modern Europe, through the correlative, yet distinct experiences of imprisonment and exile’. Keynote lectures will be given by Professor Rivkah Zim (KCL) and Professor Bruce Gordon (Yale). The CfP is available here.

The second is Prisons and Prison Writing in Early Modern Britain, a Regional Day Conference of the International John Bunyan Society to be held at Northumbria University, Newcastle on 10 April 2017. It will focus on the experience of early modern imprisonment in Britain and writings produced therefrom, featuring plenary speakers Dr Jerome de Groot (University of Manchester) and Professor Molly Murray (Columbia University). The announcement and CfP can be found here.

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